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Advanced Database Systems

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This course deals with, query optimization, transaction management, recovery, and concurrency control, database authorization and security. Additional topics including, object oriented and object relational database system, distributed databases, databases, and integration may also be covered. A major component of the course is a database implementation project using current database languages and systems.

Topics for this course

7 Lessons

CHAPTER 1 : Concepts for Object-Oriented Databases?

The ODBMS which is an abbreviation for object oriented database management system, is the data model in which data is stored in form of objects, which are instances of classes. These classes and objects together makes an object oriented data model. In this topic we will learn about Overview of Object-Oriented Concepts , Object Identity, Object Structure, and Type Constructors, Encapsulation of Operations, Methods, and Persistence , Type Hierarchies and Inheritance.
Quiz ( Chapter One )
Assignment ( Chapter One )

CHAPTER 2 : Query processing and Optimization

CHAPTER 3 : Transaction Processing Concepts

CHAPTER 4 : Concurrency Control Techniques

CHAPTER 5 : Database Recovery Techniques

CHAPTER 6 : Database Security and Authorization

CHAPTER 7 :Distributed Database System

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